It's time for something new. Look HERE.



Happy birthday sister!

This lovely lady turned 15 today. It's the first time I can't be there with her on her special day... 
Dus Livi, een gelukkige verjaardag!


Lovely lovely oxford shoes


MaraisUSA. Yes please.



I was tagged by Ulrika for a Kreativ Blog Award quite a while ago. I never got to it. 
To play along I have to share 7 things about myself: 
1. I've been coloring my hair for about 2 years now and am finally going back to my natural hair color.
2. I want to be a mother someday.
3. I love knitting. But my fingers are getting so sore, that I might have to take a break soon. 
4. I love Martha Stewart (and her website).
5. Photo booth (mac/apple) is in my opinion the coolest application ever made.
6. The bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog were: Lisen, Sandra, Mette and Elsie.
7. I love libraries. There's a huge one in Phoenix, gorgeous building. I really want to go there sometime soon.


1st of march

Randoms from Phoenix and a random from the art museum! I love those tall / powerful buildings! I just love being in a city, I'm a big time city girl! One of my dreams now is to go to New York! Ooooh New York... The buildings, the architecture, the cafes, the restaurants, the fashion, ... Someday!

New York I love you. Cute cute movie.

Happy march!


Phoenix art museum

Lovely museum! Was definitely worth it! 

I finished knitting my first scarf yesterday evening and have started a new one already! It is quite addictive! 



I got my macbook back! Jeeeeej! I'm so so happy... ridiculously happy! I missed it so much! I'm not too fond of windows...

I haven't taken a lot of pictures yet... Haven't really taken any to be honest! But now that I have my macbook back I'll be taking/processing more pictures. I'm really getting into film, it's so much fun to take pictures and not know what they'll look like until you get them developed!

I miss my Mr. George, he's such a sweet and loving dog. I have two replacements here though... Meet Gracie and Gromit! They're fun dogs. Gracie loves to sit by me and loves it when you rub her belly. She's a cutie!




Pukkelpop 09

These pictures were taken last summer at Pukkelpop, yet another terrific festival in Belgium! I took them with my yashica minister D. I'm so happy the camera works, I hadn't developed any pictures yet... So these were the first ones! I love the way they turned out! The last two pictures are of the group 'eagles of death metal' (not a metal group). I had a backstage pass and saw their concert on stage which was sooo cool!

I'm in AZ! Weeha! Arrived last night and woke up this morning at 2AM... a bit too early to my liking! But hey that's jetlag for ya! Haven't been out yet this morning, but the weather looks gorgeous! Blue sky and sunshine!

My macbook still isn't fixed... Going to bring it in later today or tomorrow... THEN I can finally go through all my favorite blogs!             

Thanks for all the sweet comments these past weeks! :-)


A quick hello

My macbook isn't made yet... Home pc is though! Finally some contact with the WorldWideWeb! The break isn't/wasn't too bad... I had this terrible habit of surfing the web in bed before going to sleep. I'm definitely going to stop doing that, I've been sleeping way better now without my "surfing the web in bed before sleep" -sessions!

Only a few more days and I'm off to Arizona! I'm really looking forward to it! It's 25°C there in the day! Huge difference compared to here... It started to snow again today! I don't mind... I still find it cosy, but it does slow down everything quite a bit!

Next post shall be on another continent... 'til then!



It has been a while! I have another excuse this time... Not only did I have exams, but my macbook kind of broke down! I have been quite hopeless without it! I just found out today that my disc is "broken". It will have to be replaced and it might take a while. So til then... No computer to my availability and therefor no posts! My blogfree life has been painful so far, I miss checking all those lovely blogs each day! Something to look forward too! See you all soon!


The poor thing

I think Mr. George has an illness or something... He just attracts danger!
To name up a few things he has done: he has fallen from the stairs twice (the first time he had a concussion), he has eaten everything he's not suppose to eat (I'm talking about toilet paper, used tissues, remote controls, boxes, pills/medicine, candles... you name it!) and sooo much more...!

Here's what happened a few days ago... He was being all crazy and ran away from me... He crossed the street and was hit by a car which was driving very fast. The hit was so hard that he was flung 5 meters away. At that point I honestly thought he was dead, but I can tell you now that he is still alive! No broken bones... Just some ugly scratches here and there and a tail with not a lot of movement! The poor sucker... Picture is taken a while ago in Switzerland. He doesn't look as happy now... His ears are still hanging low and he's a lot calmer.

trinsch: Mr. George is a boxer!
Inna: He recovered quickly from his last fall... He was just very very calm for a while, which was strange because he's a wild thing!
Lisen: Stina is so silly! George does that too sometimes... I think it's just boxers overall, they seem to be a bit clumsy! Lovely quote, so true!
Vincent: Moest je dit lezen, merci he! Heb nog 3 examens en dan eindelijk gedaan!! :-)
The Perfect Canadian Man: I would definitely recommend a boxer if you're thinking of getting a dog. They're so much fun and loving! But as you can tell very very wild...



Mr. George fell from the stairs this morning... I was in a shock! I would be quite devastated if something happened to that dog! I never got how people could care so much for a pet, but now I do! The cutie sat by me all day sleeping and snoring while I was studying, oh so peaceful!

"If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise!" - Unknown



I have been gone... for a while now. Study study study. I think I've gotten the hang of it now! I have my first exam this thursday and will have exams all through january. Stress... I think that describes my month very well. Not a lot of picture taking these days... I might take a walk with my Canon tomorrow though! We've had so much snow this weekend!

I bought some cactus plants at ikea recently! I actually like them a lot! I'm not too good in maintaining plants... So these are perfect!


Not a very exciting post... But wanted to thank everyone for the good luck wishes!

PROVINS: I study communication sciences at the university here in Leuven.
Elodie: Good luck to you too with studying!
trinsch: Your comments always brighten my day, always so sincere! Thank you! :)



What keeps the studying bearable? Delicious food to look forward to!! What I had for lunch: an onion bagel with egg and bacon, tea and some yoghurt! Mmmm bacon! With only 10 more days until my first exam, I really need to focus and get some work done!

A happy New Year (by the way)! May 2010 be a wild year with lot's of love, laughter, friends, family and delicious food (haha)!
Thank you for all the sweet New Year wishes! They made my day(s)!