It has been a while! I have another excuse this time... Not only did I have exams, but my macbook kind of broke down! I have been quite hopeless without it! I just found out today that my disc is "broken". It will have to be replaced and it might take a while. So til then... No computer to my availability and therefor no posts! My blogfree life has been painful so far, I miss checking all those lovely blogs each day! Something to look forward too! See you all soon!


The poor thing

I think Mr. George has an illness or something... He just attracts danger!
To name up a few things he has done: he has fallen from the stairs twice (the first time he had a concussion), he has eaten everything he's not suppose to eat (I'm talking about toilet paper, used tissues, remote controls, boxes, pills/medicine, candles... you name it!) and sooo much more...!

Here's what happened a few days ago... He was being all crazy and ran away from me... He crossed the street and was hit by a car which was driving very fast. The hit was so hard that he was flung 5 meters away. At that point I honestly thought he was dead, but I can tell you now that he is still alive! No broken bones... Just some ugly scratches here and there and a tail with not a lot of movement! The poor sucker... Picture is taken a while ago in Switzerland. He doesn't look as happy now... His ears are still hanging low and he's a lot calmer.

trinsch: Mr. George is a boxer!
Inna: He recovered quickly from his last fall... He was just very very calm for a while, which was strange because he's a wild thing!
Lisen: Stina is so silly! George does that too sometimes... I think it's just boxers overall, they seem to be a bit clumsy! Lovely quote, so true!
Vincent: Moest je dit lezen, merci he! Heb nog 3 examens en dan eindelijk gedaan!! :-)
The Perfect Canadian Man: I would definitely recommend a boxer if you're thinking of getting a dog. They're so much fun and loving! But as you can tell very very wild...



Mr. George fell from the stairs this morning... I was in a shock! I would be quite devastated if something happened to that dog! I never got how people could care so much for a pet, but now I do! The cutie sat by me all day sleeping and snoring while I was studying, oh so peaceful!

"If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise!" - Unknown



I have been gone... for a while now. Study study study. I think I've gotten the hang of it now! I have my first exam this thursday and will have exams all through january. Stress... I think that describes my month very well. Not a lot of picture taking these days... I might take a walk with my Canon tomorrow though! We've had so much snow this weekend!

I bought some cactus plants at ikea recently! I actually like them a lot! I'm not too good in maintaining plants... So these are perfect!


Not a very exciting post... But wanted to thank everyone for the good luck wishes!

PROVINS: I study communication sciences at the university here in Leuven.
Elodie: Good luck to you too with studying!
trinsch: Your comments always brighten my day, always so sincere! Thank you! :)



What keeps the studying bearable? Delicious food to look forward to!! What I had for lunch: an onion bagel with egg and bacon, tea and some yoghurt! Mmmm bacon! With only 10 more days until my first exam, I really need to focus and get some work done!

A happy New Year (by the way)! May 2010 be a wild year with lot's of love, laughter, friends, family and delicious food (haha)!
Thank you for all the sweet New Year wishes! They made my day(s)!