How the dog invades my space!

I don't mean that... :) I don't mind at all, I find it rather cosy! Mr. George loves to snuggle... And this thing he does is place his paw over my arm and then fall asleep! It's sooo cute!




Get(ting) organized!

So first week of university is almost over, time flew by! I had a blast! I love the classes... and the students and the professors and the cafeteria soups! Kind of abandoned my camera though... I'll get to that! Organization organization!! Got some cute new things! Been quite a shopaholic... A binder (necessary), a candle thingy (not so necessary) and very cute J&J items (irresistible)!!


Happy autumn!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! We celebrated the first day of fall by going to the forest for a short walk! George had a ball, :) he met another boxer!



Love collecting things... Books, cd's, boxes, fun things obviously!
Also, I finally enrolled in the university in my town! So got all my books!! Start on monday, I'm so excited! Have a lovely weekend!


Le week-end.

Another lovely weekend in the Netherlands with lots of laughs and food!


My lovelies!

I love Audrey Hepburn. Actually found this poster on the street. Someone was throwing it out and I simply couldn't resist!
Off to the Netherlands for me, have a nice sunny weekend


I've been tagged by Epe. What I'm suppose to do is share 10 true things about myself, tag 10 bloggers, let them know about it and get them to link back to me when or if they've accepted! Not sure if I'll reach 10, but I'll do my best and see how far I get!

1. I'm slightly addicted to my macbook!
2. I love eating! Love food (accompanied by a good red wine), love anything with bubbles and love foreign food.
3. I have a tattoo of a gecko on my left foot.
4. I love collecting 'nice' books. Nice as in books in which you can browse for hours, books with beautiful inspiring pictures.
5. I secretly wish I had the talent and inspiration to paint and draw and thereby am secretly envious of those who do!
6. I truly deserve the award for 'best in procrastinating'. (I never miss a deadline though!)
7. I love coffee, but sadly enough... I have a body that can't handle caffeine at all!
8. I dream of living somewhere else. Where? I do not know!
9. I have a secret crush on Mr. George!
10. I'm proud of the fact that I still buy CDs and love watching my collection grow!


A party!

A night with lovely friends... and food! Thai food to be precise... :) I loved it!


New new new!

I love buying new books! My recent purchases: a book with all Jane Austen's novels and city guides of Paris and New York. I would definitely recommend the city guides. Not practical for taking with you during your visit but fun to have at home to browse through and plan!

Been tagged by Epe... Not a lot of time to spare at the moment, but I'll definitely get to that soon!