Off again!

I'm off to another festival! Pukkelpop this time... Again great groups are coming like the Klaxons, the Arctic Monkeys, Beirut, The Offspring and sooo many more! Key item I will be taking with me: my Yashica Minister D. I'm going to try to take more analog pictures! Way more fun to actually get prints! I'm curious what the results will be! :)
These pictures are taken at a theater festival in St. Hertogenbosch. It was so cosy there with the lights and all the fun scenery!



My weekend: brunch, delicious souvenirs from Norway and 'touristing' in Antwerp! :)

PROVINS: Always! Huge weakness... Especially because they just look at you in such a cute and lovable way! I saw this little baby puppy somewhere that i definitely would have stuffed in my backpack if possible! :) Sooo cute!


Those dogs there...

have a mind of there own! Yes, I took some pictures of dogs... Pathetic? NO! They were actually pretty cool! We'd be eating or shopping around a bit and then suddenly this dog would just pass us with it's tail held high... With just this type of attitude... Yes I'm still talking about those darn dogs! :)I thought they were rather amusing!


Thai food.

I loooove Thai food!







So not reaaaally the real Bangkok, I took most of the pictures in Chinatown and on the plane!


Many more to come...

I have returned safe and sound! A bit of jet lag so wont be uploading just yet... Have loads of pictures to process and many blogs to catch up on! But can't wait to share some pictures I took! This picture was taken on a beautiful island called Koh Phangan! These are the actual colors... No editing done at all!