It's time for something new. Look HERE.



Happy birthday sister!

This lovely lady turned 15 today. It's the first time I can't be there with her on her special day... 
Dus Livi, een gelukkige verjaardag!


Lovely lovely oxford shoes


MaraisUSA. Yes please.



I was tagged by Ulrika for a Kreativ Blog Award quite a while ago. I never got to it. 
To play along I have to share 7 things about myself: 
1. I've been coloring my hair for about 2 years now and am finally going back to my natural hair color.
2. I want to be a mother someday.
3. I love knitting. But my fingers are getting so sore, that I might have to take a break soon. 
4. I love Martha Stewart (and her website).
5. Photo booth (mac/apple) is in my opinion the coolest application ever made.
6. The bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog were: Lisen, Sandra, Mette and Elsie.
7. I love libraries. There's a huge one in Phoenix, gorgeous building. I really want to go there sometime soon.


1st of march

Randoms from Phoenix and a random from the art museum! I love those tall / powerful buildings! I just love being in a city, I'm a big time city girl! One of my dreams now is to go to New York! Ooooh New York... The buildings, the architecture, the cafes, the restaurants, the fashion, ... Someday!

New York I love you. Cute cute movie.

Happy march!


Phoenix art museum

Lovely museum! Was definitely worth it! 

I finished knitting my first scarf yesterday evening and have started a new one already! It is quite addictive!