I was tagged by Ulrika for a Kreativ Blog Award quite a while ago. I never got to it. 
To play along I have to share 7 things about myself: 
1. I've been coloring my hair for about 2 years now and am finally going back to my natural hair color.
2. I want to be a mother someday.
3. I love knitting. But my fingers are getting so sore, that I might have to take a break soon. 
4. I love Martha Stewart (and her website).
5. Photo booth (mac/apple) is in my opinion the coolest application ever made.
6. The bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog were: Lisen, Sandra, Mette and Elsie.
7. I love libraries. There's a huge one in Phoenix, gorgeous building. I really want to go there sometime soon.


Ulrika said...

cute facts! thanks for playin along.
I'm in a knitting phase too :)

LISEN & STINA said...


jenna said...

ugh, yes! i'm seventeen and i love martha. everyone thinks i'm weird, but at least there's someone else out there like me! amen to that, haha. :D