1st of march

Randoms from Phoenix and a random from the art museum! I love those tall / powerful buildings! I just love being in a city, I'm a big time city girl! One of my dreams now is to go to New York! Ooooh New York... The buildings, the architecture, the cafes, the restaurants, the fashion, ... Someday!

New York I love you. Cute cute movie.

Happy march!


PROVINS said...

Its spring time baby!! Hurray!! I also wanna see NY - I guess one day I will find lots of money in my garden or somewere and then go travel for them!! Thats my plan!
Hope you have the best time in the US!

jenna said...

me too! i'm such a city dweller. it's always so much, all so much to take in and do, you never get bored! makes me happy, cities and spring. :) likin' the fake food too!

melski said...

Me three! I'm a city girl all the way! Love, love, love it :) I really like the pavement detail.

PROVINS said...

Hey, no havent heard about the exange... Sounds fun.. Im in!
Are you coordinating it?

jokemijn said...

vond de film ook heel erg goed. Zoveel mooie personages. Die oude man met zijn stok, het meisje in de rolstoel, de hoteljongen, de jongen met de snelle vingers,... fijn :)

Maria said...

Wow, must be so exciting to be there! Hope you get to New York someday soon too;) I also wanna go there, badly.

Love your b&w photos here below!

sunkentreasure said...

leuke schoentjes!
en Merci vr de filmtip!

trinsch said...

i love that last sausage-hot dog photo! just awesome!

i actually already participated in the art exchange project. it was fun (but i didn't make it to 6 receivers, figured it was ok to just go with as many as i could ;)