Yet another post about Mr. George! I was blowing bubbles, just because... well... I was slightly bored and sick of learning! And suddenly Mr. George started jumping up and catching them! It was silly! So I started taking pictures! Mr. George likes bubbles!



It's that time of year again. The year is almost over and you just look back at all you've done and go "Wow, time flies!". I went through all my pictures taken this year and found something over and over again... My feet! I think you could conclude that I like taking pictures of my feet! It is quite fun though, because I know where each picture was taken... I made a selection of the ones with the most memories. This is just a small selection... Trust me, I have waaaay more feet pictures!



Me and my sister made a facebook account for Mr. George! We were all giggles! I don't think we'll do anything with it.... Just post silly stuff! For the people who wish to be friends with Mr. George on facebook: his name is George Cardott! hihi

I just noticed that I've been posting sooo many pictures of Mr. George! I really need to get out there and take some pictures!


Santa's little helper...

Last year's picture

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and the lovely family filled days after! I know I did! Got some lovely gifts and ate delicious food!
A little funny detail... I bought Camilla Engman's book for my mother for Christmas. I was a bit sad, because I wanted to keep it for myself. It's such an inspirational book! Anyways, on Christmas eve we exchanged gifts. We unwrapped our gifts to find out that we bought each other the exact same book! It was quite funny! We know each other too well!


French Lover: I got rid of the blogger header a while ago... so not a dumb question at all! Good thing you mentioned it! I added a follow button to the right!


Just because

I lost my battery charger for my camera a while ago and can't find it! Is quite frustrating! I refuse to buy a new one because I just know that the moment I buy a new one, I'll find my old one! Aaaaaah! I want to take pictures, it's so beautiful and crazy with the snow outside!


Thank you for the sweet comments everyone!
lina: I've actually already been to 4 corners, was pretty cool! The typical picture: one body part in each state... hihi that was fun!


The snowking

Aaaaaaah it's snowing!!! I just went for a short walk with Mr. George through the snow. It was his first mass 'snow event' this year. Hmm no probably 2nd...He went crazy! Mr. George loves snow! It gives me such joy to watch him jump around in the snow and try to eat it and run after snowballs (which disappear of course the moment they hit the ground hihi). I hope there will still be snow tomorrow. It would be nice to take a walk with Mr. George and my Canon through town. I love december.


jenna: No exchange thing, I looked into it though... Would've been nice to go to New York or Chicago or some other fun place. I'm just going to visit my dad, do some fun stuff and study. I'm currently making a list of things I want to do. So far I have: get my driver's license, learn to knit, visit Sedona and visit the Grand Canyon!



I treated myself to a cherry crumble cake from le pain quotidien. It was goooood! I definitely deserved it! I just turned in a paper today that I have been working on for quite some days and nights! So I am very very relieved it's finally done!


lina: I'll be in Phoenix, Arizona!
sarah: Me and schedules normally don't go too well either... But I'm really really trying to stick to it this time! Fingers crossed!
Maria: 2 months is long indeed, but my dad lives there... So I go there to spend time with him, my grandparents and my brother!


These days

My station is my desk, Mr. George's station is my bed! I wake up at 9.00, Mr. George stays in bed. He stays calm until 12ish and then starts getting all excited about our 12.30 walk! Our 12.30 walk is the end of my first study time of the day and the beginning of an hour and a half break for me! After that, my second study time starts! I study until 18.00 and then socialize with the mom and the sister. I start studying (again!) at 19.30 and get 2.5 more hours of studying done. Then read a bit and off to bed!

Whoopdedoo! My days are quite dull at the moment! But at least I have something fun to look forward too! I'll be going to the states for two months in February, jippie!

This just makes me laugh! hihi I love Bret and Jemaine!


A perfect morning

With the cutie by my side and a lovely breakfast! I needn't have more!

I just realized that I eat a LOT of bread, a LOT of cheese and a LOT of eggs! Hmmm..



I wish I could say this picture was taken here in Belgium... But sadly I can not! Taken in Switzerland! How I enjoyed the snow there... I want some lovely snow! I'm so jealous of all the bloggers in the north, I've seen so many beautiful snowy pictures!


Oh christmas tree, oh christmas treeeee

We got a beautiful (rather skinny) tree and decorated it with ornaments and lights! It looks so pretty, it makes the living room look a lot more cosy! Christmas is coming!

The ultimate christmas songs .



I wish I could proudly say that I've studied all weekend... But I can't! Too much distraction! I seek for distraction... I baked instead! I baked a lovely carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting which I am quite proud of and just made a batch of scones! I used a Martha Stewart recipe... Wasn't really a good one... it was ok but not what real scones should be! Anyone have a good scone recipe?

I missed my blog's 1st birthday! I've been blogging for 1 year and 4 days now to be precise! Time goes by so quickly!


For blue blue skies

I have been seeing lots and lots of pictures of clouds on blogs these days... So I thought I'd join in! Clouds look so beautiful all of a sudden!! Could also be the blue sky surrounding the 'white fluffy things' that appeals to me the most... The weather has been so gray, I wouldn't mind a bit of sunshine and a blue sky!

I also did Brinja's 'what I wore this week' post, which has been posted today! I had so much fun doing it! I tend to wear a lot of black, so it was quite a challenge to get a bit of color in my outfits!


Study study study

The weekend has arrived! Not too good for me... because that means I don't have a single excuse to 'not study'! My weekends shall be filled with studying until the end of january (exams!)! Jippie! Overall I hope you'll all have a lovely weekend!

Hihi this made me smile!!


You sea?

Happy december!!