Out of focus.

I watch people sometimes, wonder how they can walk around with the weight of what they know. Wonder if they feel like me, stumbling with lead shoes on the bottom of the ocean, swimming in a sea of the unsayable. It’s a mistake we make, thinking its words that tell us everything. It’s sound that breaks glasses, cracks windows, sends cats up trees. Bats hear more than humans, understand more noise, let alone dogs. Maybe we’re just not getting it, standing here listening for sensible speech, dying of loneliness and waiting for whatever it is. How do we know we’re not calling and calling all the time, our throats so tight with it, it's too high to hear?
-Cate Kennedy, A Pitch Too High For Human Ear (Short Story)

Note to self: Take more pictures!


Mars needs woman.

Went to a concert of Novastar, a Belgian groupe! It was so much fun!
The music is calm and soothing! :)




Happy 2009! :)