Phoenix art museum

Lovely museum! Was definitely worth it! 

I finished knitting my first scarf yesterday evening and have started a new one already! It is quite addictive! 



I got my macbook back! Jeeeeej! I'm so so happy... ridiculously happy! I missed it so much! I'm not too fond of windows...

I haven't taken a lot of pictures yet... Haven't really taken any to be honest! But now that I have my macbook back I'll be taking/processing more pictures. I'm really getting into film, it's so much fun to take pictures and not know what they'll look like until you get them developed!

I miss my Mr. George, he's such a sweet and loving dog. I have two replacements here though... Meet Gracie and Gromit! They're fun dogs. Gracie loves to sit by me and loves it when you rub her belly. She's a cutie!




Pukkelpop 09

These pictures were taken last summer at Pukkelpop, yet another terrific festival in Belgium! I took them with my yashica minister D. I'm so happy the camera works, I hadn't developed any pictures yet... So these were the first ones! I love the way they turned out! The last two pictures are of the group 'eagles of death metal' (not a metal group). I had a backstage pass and saw their concert on stage which was sooo cool!

I'm in AZ! Weeha! Arrived last night and woke up this morning at 2AM... a bit too early to my liking! But hey that's jetlag for ya! Haven't been out yet this morning, but the weather looks gorgeous! Blue sky and sunshine!

My macbook still isn't fixed... Going to bring it in later today or tomorrow... THEN I can finally go through all my favorite blogs!             

Thanks for all the sweet comments these past weeks! :-)


A quick hello

My macbook isn't made yet... Home pc is though! Finally some contact with the WorldWideWeb! The break isn't/wasn't too bad... I had this terrible habit of surfing the web in bed before going to sleep. I'm definitely going to stop doing that, I've been sleeping way better now without my "surfing the web in bed before sleep" -sessions!

Only a few more days and I'm off to Arizona! I'm really looking forward to it! It's 25°C there in the day! Huge difference compared to here... It started to snow again today! I don't mind... I still find it cosy, but it does slow down everything quite a bit!

Next post shall be on another continent... 'til then!