The seaside

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I spent the greater part of my weekend by the seaside. Family from the Netherlands had rented a cute house close by us so we went for a visit! My batteries are fully charged now... I was quite exhausted, but being with family can be so 'healing' in a way! I had a lovely time!



makes me happy! In the evening I already think about what I will have for breakfast the day after! hihi

Haven't been uploading for a while... I think I kind of needed a break!


Hello sunshine

Lovely lovely weather... a bit strange for the time of year! But the sun is always welcome! Had a bit of a bust week! Have one more tryout exam monday and then I'll be able to "destress" a bit!



A while ago I ordered one of Lisen's prints. I was going to give it to my mother for Christmas (I was starting early with Christmas shopping this year), but I ended up keeping it for myself. It was just too pretty to give away! Now for my birthday my mother ordered two more for me! I'm so happy with them! Now I most definitely have to frame them! I'm still not sure if I want black frames or white frames though... Both would look great!

One of the special birthday presents I also wanted to share about is in the 2nd picture. It's a footprint, my footprint! I was a little baby when my father decided to fill up a little gap in between some tiles in my grandmother's garden. This was the result. The house where my grandmother use to live has been sold, but she took that little memory with her. Now that I'm 18, she gave it to me!


The sister

My one and only sister. This pretty young lady is so loved and truly the coolest, brightest and funniest alive! These pictures were taken in Switzerland by the lake. We were having so much fun there at that very moment! We love making silly faces!

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and the cards! They were all so sweet, truly made my day even more special!
Thank you thank you!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


My bday!

It's my birthday today!! I've finally turned 18! "I've entered the grownup world! :)". I think I'll get to hear that a few more times today. I was woken up early this morning with a lovely breakfast (Candy and fizzy apple cider, very healthy hihi), followed by sooo many lovely letters and a special package I was waiting for! Ordered a calendar by Flora Douville a few days ago, it arrived today and looks so so pretty!

Also got such a fun gift this morning from my sister! She gave me an Audrey Hepburn book called "What would Audrey do? Timeless Lessons for Living with Grace and Style". Can't wait to start reading it!


A room with a view

The changing view and some randomness. I think I'm done with Switzerland now! Thank you for the sweet comments everyone!



Leysin is a little village in the mountains by the lake of Geneva. (Pictures in last post taken in Vevey which is a beautiful town by the lake!) These pictures were taken in Leysin, which is where we stayed! As I said... Didn't do a lot! But did go on a little walk! It had snowed the day before so it was fun to see everything covered with snow!


We're back!

Some people don't like coming home... But I actually do! To be able to lie down in my own bed, to be surrounded with my things, to have a certain structure again, to be able to catch up on so many lovely blogs, etc. So I'm happy to be home right now! Anyways...

Here are the first pictures of Switzerland! We had a lovely time! We had some sun and quite some snow (Mr. George had a ball with the snow!) I didn't really do anything... I pretty much stayed in bed all day reading and watching movies! Some people might find it strange to go so far away just to relax and do nothing... But that's what I do in Switzerland and I love it!

The last picture: What I've noticed is that whenever you ask a random person to take a picture, they tend to take a picture of your entire body... from feet to head! I find that rather funny! :) It's the typical tourist picture!