Den Haag.



Paris, Part 1.

Paris in the spring! I love going to Paris, it makes me all happy again! We didn't really do any cultural things this time, we just hung around the shops, did the Andy Warhol art exhibition and totally drooled over Karl Lagerfeld! I'm still totally psyched about seeing him there! We were just walking by the Seine and we saw all these people bent over the side of a bridge looking down. Out of curiosity we took a peek aswell and were sooooo shocked, in a good way ofcourse. There was a photoshoot by the Seine and HE was there! Got a few good pictures of him and even one with him! This might sound extremely cheezy but seeing him was like a dream come true! He is like THE 'Fashion God' and seriously, how many people can say they have seen Karl Lagerfeld!